What we’re doing atm…

Posted: December 11, 2010 by silentdaunt in update
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Well there is alot going on, since final week is upon us but that doesn’t stop us from doing what we love. Recently we just started watching .hack//SIGN, an anime about a story unfolding in a sandbox MMORPG called The World. Just The World, nothing attached. and before you say anything it is NOTHING like that other World…or any MMO in history or currently planned. That said you might think this is very interesting backdrop. And it is if you can ignore all the little oddities such as lack of players (it’s the only MMO in the anime) and players not doing mmo stuff that we come to expect such as bunny hopping, chat spamming, and spontaneous controversial topic wars.  English dub is not of the quality of GITS or Hellsing to say the least so we’re sticking with the Sub version. Right now we’re alittle confused to trying to absorb the story, it’s core elements are there but the introduction of characters and motifs are quite rough and not particularly believable. I still have a hard time believing that Mimiru would be such an attention freak to stalk Tsukasa, a stranger who clearly wishes to be ignored, after their very brief chance encounter just because she didn’t like being walked out on or be called annoying.  The music however is fantastic imo, and shames what we had to listen to while playing MMO. It’s perhaps the only consistent substance in this series so far and it does a good job holding it all together when you get fed up trying to make sense of what you see.

And this miniupdate is thus concluded. Time to go study.  But about what…


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