Might as well do something whilst sitting and waiting away

Posted: December 26, 2010 by CelestialEssence in Review, Video game

So I’m stuck in Indie international airport and without much else to do (seeing that I do want to save the majority of my entertainment for the airplane ride) I’ve decided to do something useful and review some stuff that I’ve been putting off

There’s a slightly heard of off the shelf mmorpg called “Pirates of the burning sea” that Sony or something rather has made, and to be honest I’ve spent more time playing that the past week than all of my other games combined .. of course you could say that yes I tend to do the same with moat other recent games, but I think that is one is a keeper … I suppose for the moment though. (what an awesome run on sentence there huh?)

Anyway, the game itself is focused around the Carribeans In the 1700s .. Right around the time where the great European powers were mass producing ships of the line and all that great historical warfare crap. But I digress. To put it simply, being the captain of some so called ship, much like master and commander, has a bit of a exciting and tense air around it, making you come back to upgrade your 6 gun POS to a full fledged first rate with 100 something brisling 12 pounders so .. Well at least we hope they bring back those first rates.

Still, the ability to fuse basic mmorpg mechanics with a game that utilizes the 1800 naval warfare is something that I’ve only experienced in empire total war. That feeling you get while obliterating a smaller ship with a full broadside barrage is comparable to going on a 20 killing spree with bfbc2. Of course it’s a lot easier since the majority of the game is pve, but somehow even when I think the excitement is coming to an end, it really isn’t … Somehow that game just really draws me it

(pictures to come once I’ve gotten back to my regular computer)


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