Nintendo Trying to be like Square Enix?

Posted: January 28, 2011 by CelestialEssence in Uncategorized

Well, I was reading this Kotaku article:

and then I just went onto the website to see if there was any Japanese that could be translated to English for me .. and well .. found this:

I mean, will it turn up to be another final fantasy rip off? because from the picture, and looping calming music in the background, and idk what Japanese words that were said, to me .. it kinda looks like it. And well, seeing how final fantasy has kinda taken a turn for the worst lately, perhaps it is Nintendo’s time to come in try scoop up some of that player base? Probably not, as we all know the wii completely sucks in a graphical game, but you never know right?

Perhaps there will be more to discuss after Nintendo reveals more than just a picture, words, and some piano music that I can’t seem to figure.


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