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Nintendo Trying to be like Square Enix?

Posted: January 28, 2011 by CelestialEssence in Uncategorized

Well, I was reading this Kotaku article:

and then I just went onto the website to see if there was any Japanese that could be translated to English for me .. and well .. found this:

I mean, will it turn up to be another final fantasy rip off? because from the picture, and looping calming music in the background, and idk what Japanese words that were said, to me .. it kinda looks like it. And well, seeing how final fantasy has kinda taken a turn for the worst lately, perhaps it is Nintendo’s time to come in try scoop up some of that player base? Probably not, as we all know the wii completely sucks in a graphical game, but you never know right?

Perhaps there will be more to discuss after Nintendo reveals more than just a picture, words, and some piano music that I can’t seem to figure.


2011 Personal Excitements As A PC Gamer

Posted: January 23, 2011 by silentdaunt in Uncategorized

So 2011 has officially kicked off and if you have looked at the the list for PC gamer over at Rock,Paper,Shotgun you would probably wish it was the end of 2011 already so all the exciting new titles and franchise sequel has hit the shelves.  2011 truly looks to be an awesome year with exciting games for all genre but here is a few personal favorite that has me throughly excited for the months to come. In no particular order:


It really seemed just yesterday to me that the team at ArenaNet, maker of my favorite  mmo that I still play consistently today, have announced the long rumored sequel and wow’d us with their new design manifesto vowing to move a genre plagued with staleness and rough edges forward. Now with a few character profession reveals and the showcase of playable demo at gaming conventions worldwide, Guild Wars 2 is finally taking a solid shape and looks just to be on the not too distant horizon. Sure there is still the phase of beta, whether close or open, which would take sometime to complete but all the evidence suggest that the next big mmo is probably landing later this year.

The title has garnered so much hype and high hopes largely through the careful reveal of information and the artful/stylish way it is done. As a GW veteran and fan of Anet I have been throughly hooked by the promise and examples shown from demos of the new open world design, dynamic events, team oriented skill combinations, story driven personal tale, and the gorgeous landscape. I just can’t wait till I dive into this one with some of my friends and do some fun stuff.

THE WITCHER 2: Assassin of Kings

The first Witcher was a commendable debut effort by polish studio CD Projekt Red. It was a non-linear dark fantasy tale with an intriguing story containing a surprising amount of moral ambiguities tied to your actions and ripple effect impacts on the story. It also had a very engaging and action oriented combat system with animations that really makes you feel like you’re playing an expert killer (1 vs 5? group style steel and it’s just not fair for the five). While it had it’s faults in design (horrible and often loading times and messy inventory system for ex.), CD Projekt Red was terrific in it’s support of the game and garnered alot of respect from the pc community. And now they promise to deliver a sequel worthy of our attention with improvements in almost every front. The Witcher 2 continues the original’s non linear storyline with expanded scope, more breathtaking graphics, more tactical combat with environment sensitive actions and perhaps my favorite improvement – next to none load screens! And as a PC only game, CPR has taken care to make this game as optimized as possible so a wide range of machine will be able to run it so fret not if you have only a dual core machine like me and prepare for a treat if you have a good rig. You gotta appreciate that if you’re a PC gamer.





Posted: December 20, 2010 by silentdaunt in Uncategorized

If you or someone you know are into video games, now is probably the perfect time to buy something off steam for yourself or a friend because the savings are huge right now.  Whole packs are on sale  in addition to individual games. Love a particular developer? Like Rockstar or Valve? Now you can get their entire catalogue on steam for the price of a normal retail game! Some new games are also on sale like Fallout New Vegas and Bad Company 2 (which is ONLY $6.79!), so be sure to check it out even if you have no interest in old games or whole packs!