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Ohhh boy, and summer is over

Posted: August 12, 2011 by CelestialEssence in update

So, for that one person, and 20 spam bots that frequently visit our humble little blog, you probably have noticed that it hasn’t been updated in quite a while, and thats because it was SUMMAH TIME.

Ahh, yes summer time, when going to the beach, staring at bikinis, and eating watermelons all at the same time don’t get frowned upon by the general public, and its also when I don’t have a great computer or internect connection, and a job .. so I don’t do reviews or anything, hell that’s what kotaku is for.

But, just to let you know we’ll be up and running in a short week, and plenty of new reviews will be out for the curious spam bot to comment on, otherwise to my roomate, I have no idea what I’ll be doing for the next year!

Stay tuned for some Space Marine, Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2, and many other reviews to be coming out shortly .. and for our wallets to be significantly lighter.


Bioware has certainly been busy, with Dragon Age 2 and SWTOR coming  they decided to test our patience yet with the Mass Effect 3 debut trailer:

Yes there is no gameplay footage but who can  really not enjoy some quality CG action that hints at the grandeur of what is to be ME3. So let’s take a look at the trailer together and do some wild speculations just as Bioware wants us to do.


The trailer begins showing an ordinary Alliance marine, injured and taking cover in an elevated position. He sets the tone of deep despair immediately with the old “millions dead in a short time everywhere” technique. The marine painfully injects himself with some futuristic powerade (or could this be the new medigel?) and start to survey the situation beneath with a sniper rifle. He quickly acquires a target and fells it. His rifle ejects a thermal clip so it appears that mechanic will remain in the game.  The target appears to be humanoid, but shrouded by smokes from the ruins beneath, whether it is a human or an agent of the Reapers or perhaps both is unclear. It does not look like a Collector, or any other previously fought agents of the Reapers in the ME universe. Personally my money is on Reaper engineered vampires or Nazis. The Reapers can do just about ANYTHING.

The marine continues to reveal more about the gravity of the situation, particularly how he has no idea on the identities of the enemy or any of their motives or plans. This is simply facepalm. It without a doubt implies that the threat of the Reaper has indeed fell on deaf ears with the Alliance  and now they’re paying the ultimate price. As the marine marvels in awe at the arrival of the Reapers we finally get a good look at the bigger struggle happening outside his post. The marine was actually perched on the Big Ben and striking out from it’s broken clock face, all of future London is in flames and Reapers, descending in plain overkill numbers, are leisurely destroying future London unchallenged as we come to expect. While reapers certainly take the spotlight they are not the only forces on the field. Dozens of the ubiquitous gunships we’ve seen from ME2 and new high speed fighter crafts are zooming about. Some of them futilely engage the Reapers with petty missiles while others appear to be on evacuation orders. The alliance fleets are all but destroyed with the remnants in hiding. As the atmosphere climaxes the marine bets all hope on Commander Shepherd who just so happens to be orbiting Earth. This is chillingly reminiscent of Distress Call TV spot for ME1. Shepherd walks away from the viewing bridge still donning his favorite N7 armor (which I assume will be immediately replaced in game after 10mins of gameplay) and the trailer ends. Will Shepherd answer Earth’s distress call? Will this be a choice?

Now, if you are new to Mass Effect you probably think this is another Reach or Halo clone, and you will probably be flamed to death for expressing so. If you’re a Mass Effect veteran and a fan of the story you will realize immediately what’s happening on Earth is probably happening everywhere else.  Your imagination is probably going into overdrive thinking of all the other shitstorm happening on places visited like Illium or Tuchanka .  Earth no doubt will be a key point in the game but humanity is not alone in the hurt, knowing Bioware the decisions and stakes will be higher than ever before.

The Reapers have finally shown themselves in force, this will not be a hunt like the previous game. This is will be a  fight for survival with time window collapsing fast if Shepherd hopes to save even a fraction of all the intelligent organic life form. Earth is important but is it the most important?  I could care less about the Turians or the Salarians (their lives are pretty short already) but the Asari and their blue tits are worth saving damn it!  Still, before any saving could be done Shepherd must have a way to combat the Reapers or a even more stealthy ship. By the end of ME2, Shepherd’s team still has not discovered any solid method of combating the inevitable Reaper invasion. In ME1, we’ve seen that a Reaper can be destroyed if you can penetrate it’s shielding and hit it in a critical location much like how they took out the alien ship in Independence Day. In ME2, a Reaper is found permanently disabled or derelict by an ancient mass effect accelerator weapon. Said weapon was discovered by Cerberus but there is no clue to it’s operational capacity at current day. Even if the weapon was repaired, will that be enough to counter an entire invasion? Is it possible to discover some way to bypass the Reaper’s powerful kinetic shield? Or will there be some  new weapon to be discovered? Depending on player choices, Shepherd might have saved the Collector Base in ME2 for  future use which will certainly impact ME3.  Any of the case, Shepherd and his team will be sprinting all the way with the occasional sex with team member ofcourse but possibly shorter in duration. But chatting up old Dr. Chakwas is probably right out (“How are you Commander?” “NO TIME WOMAN NO TIME! GOTTA GET TO DA SYSTEM!”).

Well I’m probably a little too worked up after just one debut trailer. Still all the possibilities and the impossible scale that we will likely see in ME3 is too much to be ignored. Now you can say I’m totally making all this shit up in my mind because that trailer showed little to nothing of actual gameplay or anything in game. Well guess what, I think there will be a multiplayer portion too.  Actually it will be a MMOFPS.


What we’re doing atm…

Posted: December 11, 2010 by silentdaunt in update
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Well there is alot going on, since final week is upon us but that doesn’t stop us from doing what we love. Recently we just started watching .hack//SIGN, an anime about a story unfolding in a sandbox MMORPG called The World. Just The World, nothing attached. and before you say anything it is NOTHING like that other World…or any MMO in history or currently planned. That said you might think this is very interesting backdrop. And it is if you can ignore all the little oddities such as lack of players (it’s the only MMO in the anime) and players not doing mmo stuff that we come to expect such as bunny hopping, chat spamming, and spontaneous controversial topic wars.  English dub is not of the quality of GITS or Hellsing to say the least so we’re sticking with the Sub version. Right now we’re alittle confused to trying to absorb the story, it’s core elements are there but the introduction of characters and motifs are quite rough and not particularly believable. I still have a hard time believing that Mimiru would be such an attention freak to stalk Tsukasa, a stranger who clearly wishes to be ignored, after their very brief chance encounter just because she didn’t like being walked out on or be called annoying.  The music however is fantastic imo, and shames what we had to listen to while playing MMO. It’s perhaps the only consistent substance in this series so far and it does a good job holding it all together when you get fed up trying to make sense of what you see.

And this miniupdate is thus concluded. Time to go study.  But about what…

Well we’re up and running … sorta

Posted: December 11, 2010 by CelestialEssence in update

Finally got some place to write about all the goodness of what media culture can bring us .. I still have to fix the header and background, and get more than just myself reading this thing. But we should be going up sooner rather than later.


For those who have stumbled across this site, nothing is really up yet, and thats because we don’t have much to write about right now. We’re currently replaying games to review them, re-watching anime seasons to review them, all while listening to music .. to review them .. or just rant about, its really up to the authors